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Fired Heater Thermal Surveys

Fired Heater Thermal Surveys
Fired heater tube metal temperatures (TMTs) are a critical process variable. Measurement errors are common, resulting in producers running at sub-optimal loads where false-high readings are taken, or reliability issues and tube failures with false-low values.
  • Overview +

    It is well documented that maintaining reformer tubes at optimal temperature will deliver optimum performance, offer the balance between tube life, reformer load, and product yield. 

    Measuring chamber atmospheric temperature is not dependable as it may not distinguish temperature anomalies within the chamber, and tubes are typically lower in temperature due to an internal endothermic reaction. Fixed thermal imaging allows internal monitoring of the chamber. 

    AMETEK Land fired heater thermal surveys provide reference temperature measurement, whilst supporting all other measurement techniques.
    Our surveys include service, equipment rental and reporting.

    A risk assessment (RA), method statement, test procedures, test sheets and survey route are all prepared in advance of the visit. Point of work risk assessment (POWRA), induction, equipment checks, work permits are all undertaken on arrival. Please note that it is the responsibility of the customer to provide a water supply and compressed air (if necessary) at each of the measurement locations.

    Our surveys use the latest near infrared borescope thermal imagers to return precise temperature measurements from the inside the reformer, creating detailed and live high-resolution images for analysis.

    Gold Cup Thermometer  - designed to provide radiometric temperature measurement eliminating the effect from emissivity and background reflections to give definitive temperature measurement. The Gold cup thermometer is ideally suited to providing reference tube skin temperature measurement in reformer chamber applications, eliminating the effect of hot backgrounds and tube surface emissivity.  The reference measurement can also be used to help determine background temperature corrections for portable devices and thermal imaging instrument bespoke to the reformer application.

    Cyclops - used in conjunction with the thermal imagers to determine optimum background correction settings. 

    Portable Furnace Thermal Imaging System -  using the NIR-B-640 operating at 1um and MWIR-B-640 operating at 3.9um can record thermal images which can be later analysed to determine the relative temperature uniformity between tubes normalised to the reference Gold Cup measurements.

    Our precise, UKAS calibrated pyrometers and radiometric thermal imaging cameras, used by highly trained engineers, provide a detailed understanding of TMTs and the temperature balance of the heater, catalyst behaviour, combustion/burner performance, insulation condition and more.

    To receive a quotation, please fill out the questionnaire or to discuss with one of our team, Request a callback.

  • Survey Packages +

    Each contract is built around a range of standard options. The final scope and price will depend on the options chosen and the mechanical/process design of the fired heaters.

       Bronze   Silver   Gold 
    Determine ‘inspection port opening effect’ ✔ 
    Reference Gold cup tube temperature measurement ✔ 
     Optimal emissivity and background correction settings for AMETEK Land Cyclops ✔ 
    Identification of any visible anomalies found using a Thermal Image Camera  ✔ 
     Temperature uniformity of adjacent tubes, normalised to a reference Gold Cup measurement.*     ✔   
    Vertical tube temperature profiling
    *Multiple reference measurements allow for cross-sectional thermal profile of the radiant box.
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    • Portable Furnace Thermal Imaging System
      Portable Furnace Thermal Imaging System

      The Portable Furnace Thermal Imaging System designed regular furnace inspections and extensive surveys.


    • Gold Cup

      Einzigartiges Referenzpyrometer von AMETEK Land speziell für Temperaturmessungen an der Oberfläche von Reformerrohren.


    • Cyclops L
      Cyclops L

      Die Cyclops-L-Reihe besteht aus tragbaren, hochpräzisen Pyrometern von höchster Qualität. Die ergonomischen, kontaktlosen Thermometer werden einhändig bedient und ermöglichen einfache, präzise Temperaturmessungen per „Zielen und Messen“.


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    • Befeuerte Heizer

      Die Temperaturüberwachung von befeuerten Heizern hält Kraftstoffkosten und schädliche Emissionen gering. Das Cyclops 390L und NIR-B 3XR stellen für diese Anwendung eine tragbare bzw. stationäre Lösung dar.